Candy Boxes and Holidays

During holidays, everyone likes to give and receive gifts. It is not about the items that you gift. It is more about how you value the recipient of your gift. The items inside the box matter at very little extent. What matters is how presentable the gift you have made is.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to prepare a gift which is going to be welcomed by your recipient.

The right paper

It is important to pick the paper that looks nice. Although you can go for the least expensive papers, investing a little bit more in decoration is going to make your gift quite valuable.

Using the double stick paper

To make the gift look great, you can use double stick paper. The best thing about this tape is that it doesn’t appear on the paper if it is used properly on the paper.

Add a bow after wrapping the gift

Adding a bow on the wrapping can make the gift look great. Aside from bow, you can also use a flower or any other decorative items. There are many things available in the market to make the gift look great. You can also prepare a decorative item at your home.

Don’t forget labeling your gift

The labels are used to tell who you are giving gift to. On the other side of the gift, you can add another label to write your name as the gift sender. A magic marker can make the label look pretty good.

Creating great candy boxes

The best treat for the holidays is candy. Therefore, it is ideal to consider candy for gifting. For this purpose, you can purchase candy boxes from the market. If you want to prepare candy boxes on your own, that’s also fine. As a matter of fact, creating candy boxes yourself will allow you to go creative. Now, you can either put homemade candy in the box or you can purchase wrapped candies from the market. Whatever you make, the gift is going to be great, and the person receiving that gift is going to love the gift.

It’s good to be creative

When you are wrapping gift, you will have to make sure that you are using every bit of your creativeness. Here, I am not mentioning it as an obligation; you are going to be creative because gift wrapping is such an interesting thing to do. You can use different crafts to prepare a creative gift.

The gift doesn’t need to be expensive

Last but not the least; you do not require gifting an expensive item. You can just use your creative approach to make the gift look expensive.

How to make sugar candy

Sugar is one of the most basic ingredient for making any type of candy. Whether it is sugar candy, or any other candy. There are a few types of sugar candy that highlight the beauty of its texture and delicious simplicity of its taste. You can sugar candy for any event. Sugar candy is best and like by everyone. You can make it for birthday party. Christmas, Halloween, treat, or any other party at your home. When you are in mood of eating candy you can make it by yourself.

Here we will discuss the main three types of sugar candy. What are the ingredients required and what is the procedure?The common three types of sugar candy are lollipops, rock candy, and butterscotch candy.

Ingredients for making lollipops:

  • 1 cup sugar.
  • Half cup light corn syrup.
  • ¼ cup of water.
  • 1 teaspoon of flavored extract: which ever you like. Vanilla, rose, orange or cinnamon.
  • Five drops of food color of your own choice.

 Ingredients for making rock candy:

  • 2 cups of water.
  • 4 cups of sugar.
  • I teaspoon of flavored extract like pepper mint or lemon.
  • 5 drops of food color of your own choice.
  • 1 glass jar.
  • Wooden skewer.

Ingredients for making butterscotch candy:

  • 1 tablespoon butter.
  • 2 cups of sugar.
  • Half cup corn syrup.
  • ¼ cup of water.
  • 5 drops of vanilla extract.

Making of lollipops.

Follow the steps for making lollipops.

Making lollipops molds.

Spray your molds with nonstick cooking spray. It is important. By doing this you will be able to remove the finished lollipops without them cracking. After that put the lollipop sticks in the molds.

This recipe is for every type of hard candy mold. You can choose any shape of the mold. Heart shape,drop shape, or any other shape you like.

For making candy always pick up the candy mold. Do not pick any other mold. As the candy molds are designed to help candy for coming out without sticking. In other molds the candy will be stick.

Adding ingredients.

Add all the ingredients in a saucepan. Water, sugar and corn syrup. Put the pan on the stove.Make sure the flame is medium. Do not place it over low flame or high flame.Stir the mixture continuously. Stir it till the sugar dissolves properly. Scrape down the sides with a brush so that you can prevent your mixture from sticking.

Boil the mixture.

Bring the mixture to the boil. Stir it until it boils. When it comes to boil. Turn off the flame and check the temperature by using candy thermometer. If the temperature of the mixture is 295 F or 126 C. the it is fine.

Adding color and extract.

Now add food color and food extract. Stir it properly so that they can get mix.

Harden the candy.

After this let them harden at the room temperature. Now the lollipops is ready to eat.

Making of rock candy.


Mix the sugar and water in the pan. Turn on the stove.Stir the mixture well until the sugar dissolves.

Add food color and flavor.

After that add food color of your own choice and food extract. Add purple rock candy with lavender flavoring, Orange rock candy with tangerine flavoring, Pink rock candy with rose flavoring, Red rock candy with cinnamon flavoring.

Suspension of wooden skewer.

Place the wooden skewer evenly around the jar. Lean them against the lip of the jar.  Cover the jar with a wrap. It will take week for making crystals of the candy inside the jar. So, leave it for the prescribed time. Leave it until the rocks come into your desired size. After that remove the skewer and enjoy the rock candy.

Making of butterscotch candy.


The first step is butter the pan. take a shallow pan and bitter it from all the sides. And add remaining butter all.   

Adding ingredients.

Add sugar, water and corn syrup. Place it on stove over low flame and let the sugar dissolve.

Boiling point.

When the mixture boils check the temperature by using candy thermometer. When the temperature is 270 C. add food extract. And remove it from stove. Mix it well.

Adding honey.

Now add remaining butter, honey and salt. Stir the mixture and boil it again. Check the temperature it should be now 300 degrees now. Then remove it from stove.


Pour the mixture I a pan to let it cool down. After 10mints the mixture will cool down then cut the shapes. Dish it out and enjoy the candy.

How to Make Homemade Candy

Making candy is not just a fun but also a need. You can make candy for any event and party. Homemade candy is not just economic but also hygienic. You can trust you own homemade candy. Even when you feel bore or you are in any tension. You can make homemade candy for releasing tension or for fun factor as well. There is not just one kind of candy you can make at home. There are variety of candies you can make at home by your own hand. I have already mentioned some homemade candy recipe.Here some more candies you can make by using these recipes.

Some other homemade candies are peanut butter cup, caramel, fudge, hard candy, marshmallow,gumdrop, butterscotch.

Here I will explain you every candy’s recipe.

The first one is:

Peanut Butter Cup candy

Homemade butter cups are easy to make at home. These would be surprisingly tasty when you made them at home.

Homemade peanut butter cup candy is made up of the ingredients mentioned below:

Peanut butter.

  • Peanut butter
  • Sugar
  • Food essence
  • Water

You can make them in oven by using these4 ingredients. By mixing and stirring it well you can make peanut butter cup candy.

Homemade Lollipops or Hard Candy

You can make lollipops or hard candy at home by your own. It is easy to make at home. It is not a time-consuming recipe.


Here are the important ingredients you need to require for making homemade lollipops or hard candy.

  • Flavoring oil.
  • Sugar.
  • Water.
  • Sugar syrup.
  • Food color.
  • Food essence.
  • Food extracts.

You can add whatever color you like oryour kids like. Every ingredient is available at the grocery stores. Make lollipops at high medium flame.

Homemade Caramels candy

These are the most favorite candies by everyone. You can make for guests at home. For the parties. For kids.


Some of the common ingredients used in making of caramel candy.

  • Caramel food extract.
  • Sugar.
  • Sugar syrup
  • Water.

Homemade Chocolate Fudge

The chocolate fudge is my favorite. These are the easy to bake. Fudge is the most yummy and tasty candy. Personally, I like it very much.


Some of the ingredients you need to buy for making homemade fudge.

  • Chocolate.
  • Butter.
  • Hot water
  • Cream.
  • Milk.
  • Sugar.
  • Cocoa powder.


Take a pan and turn on the stove. Make sure your flame is low. Add milk and chocolate in it. Stir it well. When chocolate gets dissolve with milk add sugar and butter. Stir it continuously. Then add cocoa powder and mix it well at low flame. Add butter now for making it soft. Cream is optional. If you want to add cream it is up to you. Add the mixture in a butter paper lined pan. Cover it from butter paper from all sides.Let it cool on room temperature. After one day open it out. Cut into pieces and enjoy the fudge.

Homemade Marshmallows Recipe.

Homemade marshmallows are easy to make.This is a fun activity. You can make it at home if you have electric blender in your kitchen. Whipping is important for making marshmallows. If you do not have an electric mixer then you can buy a new one. It is an important kitchen appliance. You can use it for many other dishes.


  • Milk.
  • Food color.
  • Food extract.
  • Corn flour.
  • Sugar.

You have to blend all the ingredients well. Then place it on stove at low flame. After 20 minutes of stirring you are ready with your marshmallows.  

Homemade Gumdrops candy.

These are chewy candies. You can eat them during travel. You can enjoy them during Christmas. For making them colorful and beautiful use green or red food color. Add pepper mint extract. And for other events add some other colors like for the Easter party add yellow or orange food color.  You can add lemon extract in it. Do not forget to add sugar.

Homemade Butterscotch candy

This is the delicious candy for those who like butter and the essence of the butter.  And you can make it at your home.


The ingredients you required are butter, sugar, corn syrup and water.


Add the ingredients and stir all the ingredients at low flame. When the mixture is done. Put it in a pan lined with butter paper. Let it cool. Finally cut it into pieces. And enjoy the butter scotch homemade candy.

How to Make Candy at Home

Make candy at your own home and by your own hand. It is not a tough task. I would be a fun-loving task. It would be very economic making candy at home. You can save lot of money in parties and events. Which you usually spend on candy. Kids enjoy and love candy mostly. In every party and generally at home also. The recipe is not for kids. Because it is hot and young people cannot handle the hotness. It may burn you. So, making candy is the task by adults.


You can candy for any event. Like I have a special event coming up at my home. Whenever there is a birthday party. Or any other event at your home or coming up soon you can make candy at your own home. It will be very economic and hygienic.

Now, I quickly jump to the recipe.

The ingredients you will need to make candy are:

  • 600g (21.16 ounces) sugar or 2 and 3/4 sugar cups.
  • 200mL (6.76 fluid ounces) water or 3/4 cups of water plus 2 tsp of water.
  • 100g (3.53 ounces) corn syrup or glucose syrup or 1/4 cup plus 2 tsp of glucose syrup or corn syrup.
  • 1/16th teaspoon of cream of tartar.
  • A candy thermometer.
  • Flavor of your own choice.
  • Food color of your own choice. 
  • Yellow color
  • Lemon flavoring.
  • Lemon fizzer 2 table spoon.
  • 2 table spoons of sherbet.

Process of Basic Candy
Take a pan. Place it on the stove. Turn on the flame. Add sugar, water and glucose syrup into the pan. Make sure the flame is high. Stir it well. If you find any sugar particle on the side of the pan, wash it down by using a wet pastry brush.

The next step is turn on the oven. Pre heat it at 100C temperature. And also place a tray lined with non-stick baking paper in it. So, that the tray will get warm.

Your mixture should get boil continuously and check the temperature after a while by using candy thermometer. When the temperature reaches 150C. it is done. Turn off the flame now. Add cream of tartar in it now and stir it well. So, that the tartar get dissolve into it properly. Now the candy is ready. Place out it in a pan and leave it to cool down on room temperature.

Process of Sherbet filled Candy
for making the sherbet filled candy the first few steps are the same as for the candy. Do all the steps as you did in the process of making candy. The next and the change step would be adding yellow food color.

When you are finished with the first all these steps. The next thing you have to do is pour it into the warm tray which were in your oven. Tray must be lined with baking paper. Protect your hands from hotness. Wear cotton gloves covered in silicon gloves so you cannot burn.

Fold the butter paper from the edges of the candy. Center should be lift up then, pull it out then fold it back in. It is a special technique to make it shiny and opaque. So,pull it more you can. If you want your candy transparent then do not pull it much. Put it back in the tray. Flatten it and put back into oven. 

Stretch it into a rectangle shape. Now it is time for adding sherbet. Add a generous amount of sherbet in to center and then bring the sides up. Cover it from all the sides. Pit it back in oven for next 30 seconds just. After that bring it out and stretch it in long snake shape. Place it aside. Give some time to make harden. And cut into small pieces. Enjoy the candy.

Candy Making for Beginners

The most favorite thing of anyone whether a kid or an adult candy. Yes, the hot yummy sweet is candy liked by everyone. And if you have kids at your home the you need candies every time. You can buy candies from store but the good thing I suggest you to make them by your own hand. Making candy at home will be economical and easy. You can make at home how much you want. You can make candy for your own self, kids and for any party or event. Making candy is not a tough job. It is totally fine whether you are experienced in cooking or you are a novice. Making candy will be a great fun for beginners especially.

Here are some tips and instructions for making candy for both beginners and experienced people. 

Common Ingredients for Making Candy

Always remember whenever you want to cook, bake or make something the most significant factors are ingredients and the procedure you follow. Always try to find out the best ingredients so that you can make perfect candy. Taste is very important to all of us. Best ingredients ensure you for the best taste. And the steps you follow in making candy will give you a perfect result for texture, firmness and color. So, go with the best chocolate and sugar. These two ingredients play vital role in making candy. By selecting best chocolate and sugar the results will be delicious and yummy. Always remember there is huge difference between regular sugar and other sweeteners. Pick up the best cream. Buy nuts if your kids like them in candy. There are different kinds of chocolates so pick the desired one.

Here I only guide you about sugar and chocolate. I will school you later for other ingredients.  

Sugar and its working

If you are a novice and nervous about making candy. Do not get afraid. No one is experienced from start. It is not a rocket science. You have to be attentive about ingredients and the recipe you follow. In the confectionery world the ingredients and procedure play vital role. You may have seen different procedure for making candy. But do not get confused. The candy that is made up of sugar and sugar syrup. Boil sugar and water together. For making sugar syrup you have to boil sugar and water together. For this purpose, you need a candy thermometer to check the level of hotness of water. Or you can ignore candy thermometer if you are familiar with cold water and temperature of the required water. So, you have to follow the steps as they have mentioned.  

Another important thing is, some conventional recipes for making candy require candy to be pulled. As in the case of making candy by ‘taffy’ or ‘ribbon candy’. For pulling candy you need to do practice. For making perfect one. You cannot make perfect candy in first attempt by pulling it. It will be easy for you once you make grip on it.  

Chocolate and its working

Most of the candies like by kids and adults also are made up of chocolates. So, after sugar chocolate is another important and common candy ingredient. You should know how to work with chocolate for getting the best result. You will have to do some common tasks with your chocolate. It is important to know how to melt chocolate and how much it should be melted. You need to be careful regarding temperature in melting chocolate. It is according to your recipe whether you need thick melted chocolate or thin chocolate. Stir continuously while melting chocolate. This is the important step. Add little milk in chocolate while melting it. You can do mistakes if you are doing it first time. But you will get experienced after doing it 2 or 3 times. So, do not worry about melting chocolate.

Equipment required for Making Candy 

Usually do not need some specialized equipment for making candy. You can make candy by using your general kitchen tools and utensils. That are already available in your kitchen. But if you are a beginner in making candy then the most important equipment you will need is candy thermometer. It is important because the temperature of the sugar syrup and chocolate is important. If you make candy regularly at home then it is important for you. Buy candy thermometer. It will be useful for your rest of cooking and baking.